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7 Wisdoms - Please

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Keywords for Please

Only too often it is we who are the effect of someone else’s cause—in other words we are serving someone’s ambition rather than our own vision. This needs to end if we are to align with soul, because the soul—though it may well be pleased to serve another’s vision—will never choose to be subservient to the pursuit of the ego-ambitions of another. To survive there are certain requirements that are absolute and not negotiable and it is necessary, if we are to build a robust vision, to do so upon the foundations of these requirements. The fluffy vision, pink and pretty, is the soft and comforting dream that dream-sellers entertain us with. A realizable vision is the stuff of the hero/ine: those who are few in number and aspire to establish values and act out of principle to realize their own uniqueness of spirit.

 It’s not enough to have a vision; there needs also to be the will to make it happen. We are tested: ‘Is what we want worth the effort?’ Or perhaps putting it differently: ‘Do we really want this or is it just a wish?’ Wishing is quite different from wanting; it is rather fanciful and carries no expectation of achievement, in fact it is often specifically identified with the impossible ‘I wish money grew on trees’, whereas wanting aligns with intention and expectation of achievement.

Nothing can be done alone, we need help. So who will help us? Suppliers of goods, services, advice and permissions—these are all real people, each with their own vision and intentions, as are staff, co-workers, friends, families and strangers. Our intention has to find a way to integrate with theirs if we are to prove successful in our endeavours. In the case when a number of people are all aligned in single focus upon a common aim, then much is possible.Cooperation is working together: to have it requires that each party is pulling towards the same end. Without this sense of a shared communal purpose, it is better to resist inappropriate involvements and maintain independence until the possibility comes along for suitable co-working. Without it, we are condemned to exist as small and usually insignificant particles instead of enjoying being part of a larger richer experience.

In sacred use ‘Please’ becomes ‘Please God’ or prayer. Prayer is 'please with a sacred atmosphere'. Its purpose is to align our single-minded passionate clarity with the will of God. Both meditation and prayer seem to be essential in spiritual development and both are process of the mind. With meditation there is a sense of allowing a relaxed and attentive mind to open up its love of a subject in order to see the way that universal patterns are made knowable. In contrast to meditation, prayer is passionate. Picture and passion produce prayer. An idea willed by an expectant mind becomes an event; this is surely one way to define magic—all magic is applied prayer, all action is prayer, we could call it psycho kinesis. It is thinking with feeling, an idea desired and willed, and the more wholeheartedly and assured is the attitude we adopt, the prompter is the realization. So we can that desire, therefore love, is a necessary component of prayer—the time and the emotion we give to the object of our desire together create our lives.     .

Workbook notes

The wisdom of PLEASE

How come we keep repeating the same process? We often just travel around again to where we have already decided to leave—same relationship issues, same work problems, same family arguments—we travel in circles. By this process of trial and error (No, Hello, Thanks, Goodbye, No) we can come to a vague inner sense that ‘There must be more to life than this.’ Perhaps even: ‘I’ve had money, sex, position and the good life and I’m still dissatisfied, actually I’m depressed. My depression is not a problem because I can turn it off with any one of the various socially approved drugs or escapist media that I’m personally likely to choose and which surround me in every room, every street, every conversation and every thought I have’.

Spirals are much more the symbol of what is needed in a healthy life, they are circles extended into another dimension, retaining the essential cyclical nature of life whilst adding the sense of progression towards a higher goal. Please has the effect of adding this dimension, which opens doors to new horizons of possibility. We have to learn—and really understand—that we don’t need to do something today the same way we did it yesterday.

We are the ones taking the initiative with Please, we act out of our own impulses and we act vigorously upon another, so Please is associated with assertiveness and often indicates implied authority. In saying this word we have clear intention to shift another’s position in order to facilitate the realization of our desired outcome. As a consequence of repeatedly doing so, our personal power increases. We become a constant force that bends reality to our goals, shapes understandings towards our beliefs and draws us closer towards the realization of our vision. However we can only access the truly extraordinary power of Please by going through a process of inner alignment. The tremendous personal authority that grows must be matched by the corresponding degree of personal responsibility. If, by our atmosphere alone, we bend the conditions of reality to our will, then we have to accept responsibility for all the implications of this—even those unseen. It behoves us to behave with more grace and deliberate sensitivity since, without the inner condition of modesty, the word Please is potentially very forceful.

q21 - 3 questions 

Are you an assertive person?
Being assertive means that we push forward into the world with clear intention to change somebody else position. Our vision, of how things can be improved, is a powerful force that motivates us to impact cooperatively upon others so that we change the way things are, certainly improving our own circumstances and hopefully the other person’s as well.

Are you good at choosing and asking for what you want?
There’s nothing wrong with desire – it is craving that is unwholesome. To get our desires fulfilled, it is necessary first to become very clear about specifically what we want. In order to be assertive we need to know what it is that we are asserting. This may involve overcoming patterns of self-denial, fears of being considered selfish, and even faulty understandings of religious dogma. Then we need to ask for it, because we all need help in one form or another. Prayer has a special way of focusing support at the highest level of being.

Are you likelier to take action than to grumble?

Grumbling is an expression of pessimism and negativity and does little or nothing to enhance our wellbeing. What works is to take an active position. We need to focus positively on the required result and speak in words that suggest an expectation of success.  Such an attitude will align our own will to succeed with those involved with us, and will strongly support the attainment of our goals.


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7 Words Concepts

Attention has attitude.

Management mastery using 7 Words is about the journey from No to Yes being a delightful expression of wisdom and pragmatism.
The 7 Words System is a new method of management.
Masterful management requires us to expect the unexpected and manage it masterfully.
7 Words is a fluid and a neutral framework that can uncover the underlying dynamic in any situation so that a complete appraisal is made possible and nothing is overlooked.
The way I am needs to change from being a problem to being the solution.
7 Words can uncover a deeper understanding of exactly what’s going on, and what action it is most appropriate to take.
To change your circumstances, you’ll need to change yourself.
Our recognition of what we call a problem is simply a springboard towards finding imaginative and creative solutions to express our purposes and principles.
The answer to any question is contained within the question, as long as the question is properly stated.
7 Words can unlock any situation’s hidden logic and avoid the pitfalls of omission, confusion and deceit.
There is an underlying order of 7 that informs everything.
It is a rare and powerful gift to be able to see under the surface and identify the truth of a situation. Those who can have the edge.
There are 7 interactive elements to all situations.
Errors of omission are almost certain without the awareness that 7 Words creates.
This system sets out seven fundamental life aspects, which are necessary and sufficient to describe anything that goes on.
Our civilization, our very humanity depends upon accountability.
With words people can be persuaded of anything.
Words have power.
Words, thoughts, language, beliefs and ideas are inter-connected.
How we speak, how we think and how we act are all bound up together.
Is it our purpose to deceive—or to develop a true and deeper mutual understanding?
If language is corrupted then thinking cannot be otherwise.
It is both physically and psychologically healthy for us to speak clearly and truthfully.
To move towards a more peaceful society, we need to become clearer and more straightforward in our speech and thoughts.
We mostly do not say literally what we mean.
Let the problem direct us towards the solution.
As soon as we put our hearts into it something special unfolds.
If we want changes in our circumstances, then we need to make some changes inwardly too.
What was, is no more.
The work we are engaging with has to begin with ourselves.
7 Words can be applied at any level whether this is personal, corporate or global.
The main task is not really to affirm what we want; it is to clearly define what we don’t want.
The failure to define a problem correctly is the overwhelmingly most frequent reason for not finding a solution.
It’s so important to step back and consider things as they really are.
The absence of a quality is an aspect of that quality.
What appears to be a sloppy or meaningless use of words may well be a completely correct use of words to express sloppy or meaningless ideas.
If humanity would only release guilt and blame, what a joyful day that would be!
In business only two types of significant personal activity exist—individual activity and meetings.
Whatever category a meeting falls into, in every case there are seven quite different things going on—and a truly aware manager will be able to address all of them.
A group needs clear definition to operate effectively.
Images notwithstanding—who, actually, are we?
There’s no defending a false position.
Our attitude to service is the quintessence of our identity.
Energy follows attention.
The immediate circumstances speak truly of who and what we are right now.
Focus, focus, focus!
There are only two basic attitudes of perception—trust or suspicion.
Attention has attitude.
We reap what we sow.
The best feedback is our mistakes.
What makes the world a better place are qualities like warmth, gentleness, understanding, clarity and honesty.
Let people know they are appreciated.
Giving is an aspect of abundance. It attracts abundance.
‘I’ll scratch your back even if you don’t scratch mine’.
A decision cuts.
A detailed proposal is critical to the realization of an idea.
Clear intention is stated in specific terms.
Reward imagination—it’s very precious stuff.
Let us be moved towards vast possibilities!
Mistakes can be seen as useful information inputs, rather than as opportunities to blame.
‘I choose it, therefore it is!’
We call contracts agreements but they’re not, they’re acceptances.
Agreement occurs when two parties want the same thing; no negotiation or compromise is needed.
We have to find strategies to deal with Climate Change.
By reframing the problems we can try other ways to find solutions.
We say No! whenever our birthright of uniqueness is threatened.
We have learned how to produce things without learning how to dispose of them.
Vision is an horizon of the imagination.
We really do need to wake up now; the writing is on the wall.
If we continue to do what we’ve always done, then we will continue to get what we’ve always got.
‘Do I accept this 7 Words System? If so what do I do about it?’
Are you a sheep or are you a goat?
Give up what no longer challenges you to grow.
Without changing how we think, how can we expect to get different results?
There is evidence that thinking has an effect upon matter.
Without exercise, muscles atrophy—and so does will.
The ability to read the signs of change and respond immediately is a survival requirement.

Consider This

"Among all my patients in the second half of life ... there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life."

Carl Jung