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7 Wisdoms
Personal Development Course 

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Participants are guided through a series of simple techniques to create shifts of perception relating to the 7 fundamental life principles. Each weekend reawakens self-confidence and clarity to an ever-greater degree, enabling the control of life circumstances and the deepening of inner harmony. 

The course leaders are both registered 7 Words Guides: Sufi leader, James Burgess, and ecology expert, Richard Grey, who deliver training and consultancy in both personal and corporate settings.

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1. NO - self-confidence

Self-confidence comes from knowing who you are, where are your strengths and weaknesses, and what to do to make the best of what you are. We look at our life roles, our best qualities, and aspects of self-deception as we face the truth about what is actually going on in our lives.

 If we are to feel happy in the long term then we must develop a firm foundation upon which to build a solid secure life; this depends upon clear enfoceable boundaries, and authentic living. Read more.

2. HELLO - influence

Influence is what allows us to enjoy the feeling that we matter, that we are worth our place in the world. We study 7 areas of influence – for example, in our relationships, how we are at work, the personal magnetism in our atmosphere – then how to measure and increase the effect we have upon others. Read more.

3. THANKS - relationship

We need people in our lives to give meaning and joy, so we need to learn how to blend and harmonise with another so that the special softer qualities can emerge.

We find that we can improve our experience of loving relationship by remembering to put into practice some very simple understandings. Read more.

4. GOODBYE - life management

We all voyage from birth to death doing the best we can to negotiate through stormy waters, and the majority don’t do very much to manage the journey at all. They stumble around from one crisis to the next, without much by way of a plan or strategy, hoping for the best, even expecting a different result to come from the same behaviour. What folly! A three step process is enough to deal with almost all that comes up: define the problem clearly, choose an alternative, and make the change. Come and learn how. Read more.

5. PLEASE - visionary goals 

We move ourselves towards what we focus on, and focus itself attracts the completion of desire. From this we see how important it is to have a clearly defined specific optimistic vision for the future, free of ambiguity and doubt.

There are 7 steps to go through to achieve our goals – all simple, all required. Read more.

6. SORRY - spirituality

More potent even than the survival instinct, the religious instinct operates within us all. Many reject the unacceptable face of organised religion itself, with its corruption and false doctrine, and yet most hold onto a deep sense of the sacredness of life. The power of a person who is deep-seated in faith can be awesome, and all of us become stronger when we find our true unique path. Read more.

7. YES  - how to trust, and why

The final wisdom is surrender. Having mastered ourselves in all aspects of worldliness, paradoxically we learn how to control by letting go, how to win by giving up, and how to learn more by grasping less. We sink into the mystery, only to find that we had been looking in the wrong place for something we already had within. This is so much more than an esoteric idea – it becomes a way to live – and attracts opportunities that you could never have imagined! Read more.


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People say

“a life-changing system”
Dom Sakoilsky, Bristol.
“I find the 7 words fascinating both simple and powerful - I have already used them in coaching to stunning effect.”
Faith Tait, Sherbourne, Dorset.
“so simple yet so profound”
Louise Bennett, Stoke.
“should be available on the NHS!”
Graham Martin, Gateshead.
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