7 Words - A Personal Development System
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7 Words is universal, so has an unlimited number of possible applications.
Some of them are listed here.

Theatre - link


There are discussions underway to make the 7 Words System popular as a discretionary weekend module within the Master Practitioner Training course. Faith Tait has coined the phrase 7WordsNLP to deliver her trainings into that sector.

Relaxed Birth and Parenting - link

Addiction recovery

A new course of training is in preparation specifically to respond to the requirements of those who feel a need to strengthen their approach to addiction issues, called Alchemy7.

Rites of passage

Helping those very young mums in Bristol schools who need to learn how to make the transition from under 16 to sixth form education.


Q21  - a very powerful tool for counsellors and healers who offer counsel.
Try it out!

Companionship for the Dying - link


Courses are being restructured in order to gain accreditation for schools and National Health Sevices in UK and Lithuania.

Baltic States

In Lithuania and Latvia, with plans prepared for Russia, there are initiatives to present 7 Words courses; indeed a good number of Certified Practitioners are based in these countries. Applications in place or under consideration include Clinical Psychology, Parenting, Doula Training, Kindergarten Management and Counselling. 

Link to 7-zodziai

People say

“Being an energy healer myself, I can see how your system works and what a great idea of looking at it this way:)”
Ana Polnerova, Ontario.
“helps me to obtain balance.”
Gintare Balcytyte, Vilnius.
“clarity like a beacon”
Ernesta Dziovalaite, Vilnius .
“a life-changing system”
Dom Sakoilsky, Bristol.
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