7 Words - A Personal Development System
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Practical Guide to the 7 Words System

Typically we are concerned with three key aspects of life – personal feelings, managing our situations, and the spiritual question. Confusion and ignorance are often present, so we find it impossible to reconcile them, as though one of them were always competing against another. To harmonise all three is so often beyond us – a wishful dream.

Yet there is a way, explained here, for us to find both effectiveness and tranquillity. It is a model of life that explains and demonstrates how everything fits together in perpetual, dynamic balance. There are 7 interactive forces that are always operating in every situation; when you can recognise them, and learn to master them, then you master your life.

In this ground-breaking book, these 7 fundamental energies are identified, explained and simplified into an intuitive life-path that empowers us to walk the journey from No to Yes with poise and delight. Exercises are given to optimise our strengths and attend to our weaknesses, including precise tools to engineer life changes, critical keywords to trigger shifts in perception, and controversial, innovative ideas that guide us through these changes, assured of the personal authority needed to carry our intentions through to successful realisation. The system simultaneously opens the heart and focuses the mind.

The author is an international trainer and management consultant, a spiritual teacher and Sufi guide with exceptional, unique insights into the whys and hows of balancing spiritual and material worlds.

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