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7 Subtle Forces

June 24, 2014    2 Comments

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If we had a headache and took a tablet designed to settle the tummy, we would not necessarily be healed of the headache because the tablet's properties - valuable healing properties - were actually suitable for a different need. This is rather obvious when we think in physical terms, yet can we apply this to other aspects of life?

Our psychological ill-health, whose signs are anxiety, compulsion, depression and so on - which we all have sometimes - can also be addressed with remedies. In this case the healing takes place on a non-physical level and is evidenced for example by the flow of clarity, truth, compassion and empathy, which can be termed "energies-that-have-qualities". There are 7 distinct types of such energy, because there are 7 distinct types of all energy, as frequently suggested throughout the history of philosophical text from Pythagoras to beyond Rudolph Steiner and Kahlil Gibran.

Describing these energies, we are lost for words - unless perhaps we bring the words to their most basic form: No, Hello, Thanks, Goodbye, Please, Sorry and Yes. Each of these 7 primary words, when authentically understood and integrated within an emotionally mature individual, creates a 'field of energy' that registers most deeply on the level of psychology: an interplay of thoughts and feelings. In other words, each of the 7 words has an effect upon the mind and the heart, which translates into how we think and feel.

Now, there is a flow of energy between two people when they meet and interact at a meaningful level. Like the wind blows - or flows - from high to low pressure areas, energy flows from the one person who has abundance to the other who has an insufficiency. As a result of the exchange, healing occurs. It arises because natural balance is approached as this restorative energetic flow takes place. Typically delivered unconsciously, there is a signal from the person who has needs to signify insufficiency. Perhaps this takes the form of dysfunctional behaviour: the person behaves angrily, self-pityingly, arrogantly or whatever. This emotionality is equivalent to the headache, a sign that rebalancing is required.

When we master the 7 words, we will have learned two important skills: firstly the ability to recognise dysfunctional behaviour as a signal rather than an attack or defect; secondly the ability to respond with the appropriate pure archetypal energetic state: No, Hello, Thanks, Goodbye, Please, Sorry or Yes. When we respond pure and true with one of the 7, then healing is promoted.

For example, it may be quite inappropriate for a parent to offer soft loving care and unconditional support to an angry teenage lad who habitually is overly intrusive. The generous, loving response is 'Thank You' type energy and does not match what is offered by the teen. His anger is No-like in a dysfunctional sense, and needs No-like responses - the firming up of boundaries, and a few home truths. This would actually better serve his fundamental need to develop a clear strong identity to cope with life, instead of conditioning him towards the false expectation that such careless behaviour will bring him lasting benefit.

We all have the potential to become a constant healing force by fully embodying these words and their seven wisdoms, since then we learn to move with ease from one state to another, able to respond appropriately to everyone and each situation we meet.


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Yunfang Yu (Sept. 19, 2012)

<p>But what are the seven types of energy?</p>

James Burgess (Sept. 20, 2012)

<p>The 7 types of energy are what is being studied here as 7 Words - or in Sufism as 7 planes of consciousness. That is what this system is all about.</p>

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