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Healing in 7 Words

May 01, 2011    Leave a comment

No is about boundaries, identity, choice and truth

The body’s discomfort is unwelcome and we tend to have an attitude of denial and negation—‘Oh it’s nothing! Just a little stiffness’—and carry on regardless without taking due concern until an ache becomes a pain and there is debilitation.

Hello is about attention, openness, exchange and communion

This pain is a cry for attention and the body is demanding that we become curious to discover what information is being offered by its communication. We are encouraged to be open to the suggestion that our life style, behaviour, even our habits and opinions are troubling the body in some way.

Thanks is about appreciating, valuing and giving from the heart

Such an opening up enables us to appreciate the value of good health and fitness—it’s worth the effort to keep exercising, control the diet and desist from thinking, feeling and acting in a way that harms.

Goodbye is about realization, decision, completion, and moving on

Also, we may be able to get better insight into the cause that led the body to complain—knowing, that often the reason for a problem can be hidden and subtle. Such a realization enables a decision to change and focuses the will to break away from the past harmful practices.

Please is about vision, intention, cooperation and prayer
Affirmation can take the focused will into the future and project an image of good health and fitness—visualizing a time when we will be fully active and free of the discomfort.

Sorry is about responsibility, remorse, repair and release

There can be maturing taking place as a result of the whole process, whereby we have a more responsible awareness that the body is our temple and wants us to look after it with some sense of sacredness. We may need to release certain pleasures in order to respect the body’s needs.

Yes is about permission, acceptance, agreement and surrender

Having reached the required understanding and noticing the subsiding of the symptoms, we will be better able to ensure non-recurrence if we can accept the need for a permanent change in lifestyle in good grace.


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