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Life Stages in 7 Words

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No is about boundaries, identity, choice and truth
The timing of first separation that begins independence is chosen by the baby and takes place as a result of a secretion that has the effect of rejecting the mother. Over the period of months the baby learns to refuse what is intolerable and defines a uniqueness that expresses its inner sense of individuality and need to be apart.

Hello is about attention, openness, exchange and communion
Curiosity draws the growing child into any number of experiences through which it develops skills and information and is offered models upon which to formulate a mental pattern as a tool to assimilate sensory input. Unemotional friendship is often abundant at school.

Thanks is about appreciating, valuing and giving from the heart
Preferences deepen and, along with senses of comfort-pleasure and discomfort-pain, there develops a value system, which influences how feelings are felt and expressed. Emotional friendship can include one special other with whom there arises a heart connection.

Goodbye is about realization, decision, completion, and moving on
The first job, career moves, getting our own flat—these and other types of personal commitment are evidence of moving on. There needs to be a break with parental nurture in order to stand alone, resolute and more powerful, self-sufficient and free to proclaim our own principles.

Please is about vision, intention, cooperation and prayer
As a mature adult, a vision is projected into the world, into the future, and there is intention to make it happen. This requires more advanced social skills, a sense of the purposes of others, capacity to align with communal endeavour and ability to focus special subtle forces.

Sorry is about responsibility, remorse, repair and release
Older and wiser now, a heightened awareness arises of the bigger universal picture. This enables more profound self-reflection and a consequent sense of responsibility for our effect upon others. There is also a greater humility to remember our faults. We release our tight grip on ambition and opinion.

Yes is about permission, acceptance, agreement and surrender
As death draws near, the futility is made known of all the trivial pursuits that have entertained us. It becomes unwieldy to refuse and object, and more pleasing to surrender to the last of the inevitable life passages that unfolds. The mellowness of personality can be atmospherically quite similar to that of a baby.

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