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Effective Task Management

February 13, 2012    Leave a comment

It is very common for people to be overwhelmed by the number and complexity of their tasks, and it is also very common for people to put pressure on others because they are themselves disorganised. In order to plan work effectively, we need to follow a task management approach, which can deal with these issues. Here is a procedure, the Taskmaster Joblist, which is a methodical system that routinely addresses all the 7 aspects of what we need to do; it is simple and it helps us to achieve objectives and to avoid unnecessary stress. 


Define what is our task by excluding what is not ours. 


Attention is given to everything we have to do, so we do not forget things.


Values are given to select the jobs that have higher priority.


Only on completion is a task removed; we cannot move on prematurely.


Intention is focused because we know that nothing else is more important.


Errors of omission are avoided, thus averting the need to apologize and compensate.


New tasks are accepted with full awareness of our capacity to add more work.

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