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Number 7

October 19, 2011    13 Comments

What does it mean?

Tell us what the number 7 means to you! We want to make a list of all the wonderful and strange things people think of, or have had happen, that make them think of 7 as a special number. Then we will build a page to show the results.so watch this space!

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Alice Jones (Oct. 19, 2011)

<p>It's my lucky number, always has been!</p>

Ralph Nimmann (Oct. 22, 2011)

I always "knew" or felt that 7 is a lucky number. I was born on the 21st (=3x7), I grew up in the house number 21 (=3x7). In Germany we say: "In the 7th Heaven", meaning: absolutely blissed out. We have 7 main chakras in charge for all the subtle energies. When I joined the spiritual sister- and brotherhood of Subud, I noticed their logo: 7 concentric circles divided into 7 segments (7x7). Shall I say any more?

Lava Kafle (Oct. 25, 2011)

7 is not only considered lucky but my cell phone number ends in 7 all 3, and I was best in my 7th year 14th year 21 year and 28 year and 35 year in my life ; valentine day falls on multiple of 7

Sarah (Nov. 6, 2011)

I was born on the 7th December so it's now my lucky number.

Karen (Nov. 10, 2011)

7 is a sacred number that appears throughout all sacred texts. I wrote a book based on the 7 last words of Christ on the cross (What Really Matters) and I often find the number 7 coming up when I need to pay attention to something.

Somesh Deshmukh (Nov. 13, 2011)

The Number 7 has always been a lucky, not only for me but for the whole world.. This no. has played a vry imp. role in my life.. In my address, No.7 is 2 times, cellphone no 5 times. I love No.7 secondly to No.1.. There are 7 phere, 7 janam, 7 rishis, 7 chakras, 7 wonders, 7 continents in the world.. Wow, the No.7 has been so lucky for humanity!!

mohammad (Nov. 14, 2011)

the number 7 has tremendous significance, in religions, particularly Islam, please see below as examples: http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/116594 http://www.wadsworth.com/religion_d/special_features/symbols/islamic.html

Dana H (Nov. 17, 2011)

December 7th is my birthday. Many key words I've heard about '7' describes me and my life to a 'T' .... isolation, clairvoyant, inner, independent, shy, hidden, spirit, private, cautious, generous, skilled at analysis and research, layers, love of solitude. I'm now almost 45 and over the years I've come to look forward to any 7 day of the month. It's always an emotionally warm and spiritually connecting day for me within and without.

Sissym (Nov. 24, 2011)

Hi, the Bible presents this number as a "perfect" and you can see by the very nature as the number seven is present at all. The reason of the number seven is unfathomable and concerns with the predetermination of God. SEVEN is the number that symbolizes the entire material world. For example: The rainbow has seven colors, the musical scale has seven notes, the week has seven days, the ancient world knew seven planets, the body has seven chakras are the seven deadly sins and seven virtues more. And, 7 is the bridge to the spiritual world.

jamesv (Dec. 2, 2011)

seven represents Jesus Christ

Ydrinf (Dec. 3, 2011)

I was Born in July (7) 1971 , seven is a Special Number for Me

Sarah (Dec. 24, 2011)

I was born at no 7 and up until 2007 I lived at houses with door numbers which always added up to or were a multiple of the number 7. i.e. 25, 61, 52, 115, & 14.

I am th (Feb. 6, 2012)

I am th 7th child out of 7. Born 7/11... I see 911 all the time.

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