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July 29, 2011    Leave a comment
Taking the blame

Whatever we consider to be unacceptable we all too easily load upon a scapegoat, so that we can escape, or at least distract attention from, facing the truth about ourselves.

Who or what we use as a scapegoat is often of so little consequence to us, provided we can find someone or something on to which we can direct and project our blame - the opposite gender, our gender, religions, people of different races or nations, people with different political beliefs, people differing in behaviour from the majority, organizations, governments, corporations, and so on.

Far better that we examine ourselves and learn to love the 'unacceptable' parts of ourselves that we would really rather not face.

Instead of continuing to deceive ourselves, by scapegoating others, better to rid ourselves and the world of our dysfunction by dealing with it once and for all.   

Only then can we return from the wilderness of our wrong-doing and progress to higher paths, free from burdens that need not be carried by anyone.

Become your own scapegoat. Take it on. Deal with it, and be done with it.

Whatever it is will remain within you until you do. The scapegoat is innocent ... and so are we. RG

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