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How to be Rich in 7 Words

May 31, 2011    Leave a comment

What does rich mean to you? Are we talking a million dollars, a billion yen or enough to shop for food in Marks & Sparks? Money isn't riches, it has only emotional value until it is spent - so what would you spend it on? Or is the emotion of security and prosperity what you'd like to feel? These are important questions that give definition to an otherwise obscure idea. So first step: define rich!

Now, think about rich people, how did they get to their position? If they didn't inherit, they are either lucky some other way or worked for it using their skills and knowledge. On a subtle level, luck itself is evidence of a type of skill. We can learn to expect good fortune by thinking positively and reaffirming our expectation in how we speak. Other essential skills may be required, and we all have the beginnings of them, it's just that we need to develop our potential. Second step: practise your skills!

Remember that richness is a process not an event. It's a way of being and it shows itself in all aspects of your circumstances including who you associate with. Typically your level of prosperity is the mid-point of your closest friends. Some richer, some less so. Your social circle strongly influences your own position. Third step then: hang out with rich people!

Lots of people dream of things, it's only natural. Yet some of this dreaming, in fact most of it, is wishy-washy fantasy. It ain't going to happen. What makes it real - the difference that makes a difference - is decision. A decision engages will, it's announced and it is a watershed in your life. Step 4: tell people what you are doing about it!

We need clear focus if we are to achieve anything worthwhile, and that is achieved by setting well-defined specific goals, which are measureable and realistic, aiming for a specific target, by a given date. Visualise the goals, imagine how it will feel to achieve them and what will be different about your life. If you want a better job only to afford better holidays, then visualise the holidays! Step 5: frequently imagine success.

What happens when we go for something? All too often we start to see the downside. There are problems, obstacles, distractions and disappointments. This is usually how life is - and there's a reason for that. These encumbrances are simply a reflection of something inside ourselves that has yet to be perfected. We have issues to deal with on the mental/emotional level if we are to realise our vision. Life is a process of trial and error; the errors are shown to us by the feedback we get. Use it wisely, it is gold. If what you are doing isn't working, if you are being blocked in some way, then do something different. Step 6: interpret difficulties as useful clues to help you improve your approach.

Finally, look around you. Remember to check whether you have reached your goal. Also perhaps you are already richer than you think! Some things are priceless and yet undervalued - health, love and freedom for example. Most very rich people are a little too engrossed with their assets to know joy, yet poorer people of the world are often a lot happier, taking pleasure from simple human interactions. Surely it is the feeling of happiness that is truly important, not the trappings of wealth? Rich is a state of mind. Step 7: remember to smell the roses!

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