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July 19, 2011    Leave a comment

Mostly we think of Goodbye as an ending, a 'moving away from' that very often is considered a loss or failure. It is accompanied by tears and promises to hold on to whatever we can so that we're not really going away totally or forever. This perception is one-sided and limiting, strongly influenced by emotional neediness and the sentimentality that goes with that.

Another perspective is that Goodbye is the essence of life, expressing itself through form. Anything that has form - not only physical matter but also ideas, emotional habits, concepts of belonging and so forth - has two aspects. The one binds it into something recognizable and identifiable; the other seeks freedom from restraints.

So all ideas, all relationships, all things and every system, contain within them the seed of their own completion. Of course! Yet so often we call this completion by a more emotionally charged word 'destruction' and interpret it as not good.

On completion of an idea, even an idea that has physical form like relationship, then it's time to move on, releasing the energy previously bound up and now free to be reconstituted in another time and place for a more contemporary purpose.

This life urge is spirit enacting itself through things and situations; it isn't stoppable. It can be held for a duration, but never for long; it must out. Life is change; we know that - change is the only constant. So these processes, which demonstrate the eternal essential truth, we call Goodbye - it is the life force moving forward towards perfection. So we see that Goodbye has direction: forward. It moves in waves that alternate first towards involvement, then towards freedom; in and out, the breath of life acting through form.

Since all form is an expression of this principle, and this principle must always have form to be evidenced, we can equate them: Goodbye is form.

Perhaps it's more correct to say that Goodbye is the dynamic aspect of form because the opposite force that restricts Goodbye, the more passive, involving and 'reluctant to let go' force, is not Goodbye - that binding force is relationship, love or Thanks.

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