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Being Who You Are

October 13, 2011    Leave a comment


You are not your mum or dad, although many of your qualities have been honed and stimulated into fuller expression by close association with them. Some of this was through resonance, some through dissonance, each as important as the other. Equally, you are not your siblings, peers or teachers, and yet these factors of your upbringing are profound and important aspects of your self-discovery, as are many others.


Self-discovery is the joy of all existence, an eternal motivation that draws us into a dynamic adventure of breakthrough and creativity. The mind's ephemeral nature delights in its natural curiosity to experience new ways of being. It is healthy and expansive to change your mind, to change your circumstances, your friends, your opinions and your behaviour.


Yet the heart is actually the measure of wellness. Through the heart we find the secret path to courage, wisdom, understanding and compassion. Its great power is soft and harmonious, light and innocent. We can deal with most effectively with life's trials when we hold our attention in the heart; this softens both our perceptions and our tone of voice, and thus brings balance to turbulent situations, soothing and reassuring the fearful.


It is a fundamental aspect of all existence that our way of being will generate friction when we interact with others. This is the grit needed for polishing and refining our sense of individuality. We are examined as to the truth of how we are so as better to proclaim who we are. There is danger here; fire is as dangerous as it is transformative, and we must find a way to stand in our authentic truth with a minimum of conflict. Strong words, softly spoken.


Free will grants us any choice except choicelessness. Even though there is no path better than other paths, no right way to be, no morality at the highest level of being, nevertheless we are required to envision and create our own way forward. It is folly; yet, since all is folly, nothing is folly. If our direction in life is an expression of our deepest sense of well-being, then we will generally find happiness. Such happiness is a background feeling that is made all the more precious because of our occasional digressions into other types of experience such as anxiety, sadness, ambition, or competitiveness.


Through our engagement with other beings and circumstances, we refine our sense of what it's like to be on the receiving end of what we do. What develops out of this can be called reflexive self consciousness, the most effective skill for those who want to progress in spiritual awareness. When we practise this skill, we find the smoothest of paths, and we come to express an exquisite degree of sensitivity and grace.


Having understood the perils and disappointments that arise out of fear and ambition, we learn to trust and accept. An inner peacefulness becomes more evident as we allow all things to come and all things to go, and we sink into the mystery. We find that we are much more than our wildest dreams, that realisation of potential is dependent upon letting go of purpose and noticing that we are already at our destination even before the beginning of the journey.

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