7 Words A Personal Development System

  • Find your power and self-confidence
  • Be more influential
  • Attract deep loving relationships
  • Manage your life decisively and effectively
  • Focus your vision and achieve your goals
  • Understand what's happening around you
  • Seize the day!
No   ·   Hello   ·   Thanks   ·   Goodbye   ·   Please   ·   Sorry   ·   Yes

7 Wisdoms - a different way of thinking

It is a modern expression of ancient wisdom that demonstrates how the 7 fundamental principles of life are most simply described by these 7 primary words:

No, Hello, Thanks, Goodbye, Please, Sorry and Yes

A transforming personal development course
led by the originator James Burgess and assisted by Richard Grey

How is this useful?

The method is universally applicable, its applications ranging from love affairs to business management, from self-development to communication skills. In every case, the use of this way of thinking brings greater clarity and increased effectiveness, no matter what the purpose.

How you will benefit from this wisdom

Self-improvement, personal development, spiritual growth - however it is called - is not theoretical, nor is it an unattainable mystery. To become fulfilled, less troubled and constantly optimistic is a completely realisable goal for anyone with the will to progress and the wisdom to choose a path and guidance.

There are 7 aspects of life to learn about - one for each of the 7 words - and by following this training, they can be mastered and practised with a totally reasonable expectation of success and the resultant happiness. The 7 Wisdoms course will lead you to greater self-confidence, furthering your influence, improving the depth of relationships, excellent life-management skills, a subtle understanding of the nature of reality and how to set and achieve material and spiritual goals.

Free personality profiles

You will be surprised how incisive these questionnaires are! In just a few minutes you will discover a few little secrets about yourself that you have been rather reluctant to admit - and ways to deal with the issues that come up when you do. Personal Development Tool Q21

Happiness doesn't have to be a wispy fantasy or a nostalgic recollection, it can be the inevitable result of a series of carefully considered choices. The secret has a lot to do with becoming very clear about what's wrong with your life. The Satisfaction Indexes  are the first point of enquiry.

Words are powerful

Words are powerful, yet we all misuse them. Even the 7 primary words are employed inaccurately to give ambiguous messages. Deception, lies, and uncertainty are the inevitable result - and then our minds become a jumble of confusion instead of sharp arrows of comprehension and intention as designed. Nor is this all about mind; at the core, it is a path of heart. The emotional and physical aspects of life are each blemished by our misuse of simple words, because fundamental life issues are so badly mismanaged. Read more about what to do about it.

Now Available!

Practical Guide to the 7 Words System

by James Burgess

For leaders and students

All the teaching material for the 7 Wisdoms course and DLP, including 40 exercises, articles, Sufi explanations of the Planes of Consciousness, tips on Q21 including commentary on each question, also information about dysfunctions and weaknesses, and various current applications of the system.

Chapters organised by primary words for ease of study 

Kindle Version  £4.65 

Hard Copy  £9.95 + P&S